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To calculate the standard errors of the two mean blood pressures the standard deviation of each sample is divided by the square root of the number of the observations in the sample.

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Parameters are usually signified by Greek letters to distinguish them from sample statistics.

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Sample Problems Researchers may want to compare two independent groups. How do you find the sample of a population? The subset of the population from which data are actually gathered is the sample. This population of interest or sample represents the entire population you want to conclude. The observations may be unstructured or structured.

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It may be sometimes difficult to get a sample which is truly random. In Phase II, events, this is not representative of the entire population of Georgia. The test statistic t is a standardized difference between the means of the two samples.

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Stratified purposeful sampling This illustrates charecteristics of particular subgroups of interest and facilitates comparisons between the different groups.

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Representative samples often yield the best results but they can be the most difficult type of sample to obtain.

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The set of individuals, you are likely to get similar responses from teachers in one school due to the fact that they interact with one another.

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